The Department of Information and Network Engineering


The educational program “Information Network Engineering”

The educational program “Information Network Engineering”

As part of the educational program “Information and Networking Engineering”, students study the principles of constructing, operating, maintaining, maintaining, monitoring and designing a modern network infrastructure. Bachelors get basic knowledge of core network technologies (computer multiservice networks, access networks, transport networks, Internet, mobile networks, Internet) and technologies for creating software and information processing (databases, web programming, analysis data, etc.) are given in-depth knowledge in the field of system administration of computer networks both at the local and global level, including support, maintenance and monitoring of cloud and distributed computing resources.

The first and second year marks the foundation of knowledge on network and IT technologies, the basic principles of building a global information infrastructure.

In the third and fourth year students are deeply studying their own choice of destinations that meet the latest trends in the IT industry and telecommunications: Internet of Things, Mobile Communications, DevOps, Web-programming, Business Information Technology, Data/Web mining .

Classes in specialized disciplines are held in specialized laboratories of the department equipped with modern equipment (from Ericsson, Cisco, D-Link, Samsung, Altera MAX, ZyXEL, Watson, SunSet, Texas Instruments, etc.) and powerful computers with standard and specialized software.

To consolidate the theoretical knowledge and practical skills, students are sent to practice on the leading enterprises of Kharkiv of the corresponding profile, in particular Ukrtelecom, Iskratel-Ukraine, Rivas, Maxnet, Lifecell, Datagroup and others.

Skills and competences that a specialist in “Information Network Engineering” specialization will possess:
1. Analysis of the characteristics of individual elements of network infrastructure and network characteristics in general;
2. Design, installation, exploitation of multi-service stationary and mobile networks of the next generation of any scale (personal, local, corporate, global) with the integrated use of all modern technologies, including optical ones;
3. Deployment, administration and maintenance of computer networks;
4. Administrating and maintaining servers (Windows and Linux);
5. Maintenance and monitoring of distributed environments, effective use of cloud infrastructure;
6. Development and testing of software and Web-services;
7. Coordination of the process of development and supply of software with operation, automation of these processes;
8. Effective use of modern IT-technologies in corporate solutions;
9. Advice and assistance in the analysis, creation and use of network infrastructure;

Our students regularly participate in All-Ukrainian Student Olympiads and competitions of student’s scientific works and become prize-winners. In particular, our students are prize-winners of the “Professionals of the Future” competition and others. The winners receive nominal scholarships, one-time rewards and valuable prizes.

Within the framework of the international program “Erasmus+”, the best graduates receive double degrees from our university and other foreign universities, in particular Warsaw Polytechnic, Technical University of Wildau (Germany), Lille (France), University Pardubice (Czech Republic).

A graduate specializing in Information and Network Engineering can work:
1. An engineer for the design / operation of fixed and mobile networks;
2. System administrator;
3. DevOps engineer;
4. Network infrastructure engineer;
5. Developer, software and Web services;
6. Engineer for the operation of cloud service platforms;
7. Expert on the sale of network equipment / services;
8. Engineer of the technical support service;
9. Database administrator;
10. Content-manager, site administrator;
11. Administrator of business automation information systems.