The Department of Information and Network Engineering


Content manager

A content manager and/or site administrator (content manager) is a specialist who fills the site with text and graphic information (articles, pictures, photographs, news, video clips, etc.). The name of the profession comes from the English word “content”.

The work of a content manager involves monitoring the company’s website, timely updating price lists and other sections, posting news, supporting a forum or guest book, strengthening partnerships with other sites of similar topics, ensuring an increase in the number of website visitors using the latest and traditional Internet tools. marketing, also coordinates the work of copywriters, web designers, rewriters, SEO specialists involved in content creation.
Our students study specialized and selective disciplines that provide theoretical foundations and practical skills for working with databases, administrative functionality of the site, with graphic editors, web-design and seo-optimization of sites; get an understanding of the main principles of the functioning of websites, knowledge of the principles of work of search engines.

Skills needed to work:

  • write texts;
  • be able to edit other people’s texts;
  • have basic skills of SEO-optimization of the text (composing title, description, h1, keywords, internal relinking of pages, collecting the semantic core of the site);
  • work with graphic editors (Photoshop, at least Canva, Crello at the start);
  • edit video (Movavi, Adobe Premier);
  • work with CMS (WordPress, Word, Excel and Google Docs, Joomla, landing pages on Tilda and other popular engines, basic knowledge of HTML will be useful to feel confident in the site admin);
  • supervise or perform SMM tasks (if there is no specially trained person for this position in the company).

Where do content managers work?
Among the most popular companies where content managers work are: mass media, online stores and online representations; outsourcing companies, advertising companies by SMM departments. Now, most companies of different profiles have an employee who performs or combines the duties of a content manager, because the representation of each company on social networks or on the Internet is not only relevant or popular, it is also a tool of recognition, trust and increase in the volume of sales of goods or the services of this company.