The Department of Information and Network Engineering


Educational work

Educational work is a key aspect of the INE department. The chair is a part of the faculty of “Info-Communications” and provides training of students in the specialty 172 – Telecommunications and Radio Engineering. Currently, there are 7 professors and 13 candidates of science working at the department. The lecturers of the chair have high qualification, long-term experience of international cooperation with European universities and joint implementation of projects aimed at ensuring the quality of education, training of students at the international level.

Slide lectures and presentations are also used for lectures, as well as for practical and laboratory lessons they use the material and technical base of training laboratories, which have recently been replenished with various modern devices. A multimedia network has been created at the department with the involvement of modern hardware and software equipment of telecommunication profile, where students have the opportunity to study modern network technologies and telecommunication devices.

Equipping and creating new educational laboratories

At the present time 5 equipped educational laboratories are functioning at the department. There is also a portable equipment for several cycles of laboratory works, which is provided by “Trade House “Intertrade” and “Ukrtelecom” LLC.

The laboratories equipment allows to carry out both separate works and full cycles of laboratory works covering practical training on all disciplines, base and selective. Laboratory equipment is also used for scientific experiments in the course of students’ research work.

The concept of laboratory development provides for a combination of field and computer modeling in the educational process, practical and laboratory work on various methods, including frontal, research and reproductive methods, study of equipment operation modes, study of the basic characteristics of both simple circuits and complex cloud network architectures. The methodology of the laboratory workshop in combination with the equipment set allow organizing the laboratory and practical works in such a way that students could get practical skills of working with the operating modern equipment, to consider the models of the created networks and methods of their management, to consolidate the received theoretical knowledge.

Laboratory equipment is represented by modern samples of domestic and foreign production. Ericsson, Cisco, Siemens AG, Samsung, Rohde & Schwarz, Watson Telecom, D-Link, Intel, Altera, Nokia, ZyXel, TP-Link, Ericsson – these well-known foreign companies are now represented by most of the laboratory equipment. The equipment of domestic manufacturers is presented by such enterprises as KHSRE named after T. Shevchenko, Open Company NPF “Kharkov-PRILAD”, factory “Standard” Kiev.

The technical equipment of laboratories allows not only to spend existing laboratory and practical occupations, but also to create new. Constant cooperation with the companies – employers allows to equip cathedral laboratories with the new modern equipment. Expansion of base of theoretical preparation, perfection of methods and processes of training, updating of material and technical base of laboratory, evolution of IT-technologies, compactness and equipment specialisation promote creation of new educational programs, new cycles of practical and laboratory employment, improvement of quality and increase in number of the received practical skills.

The following specialized laboratories have been created at the department: access networks based on PON technology; hardware and software for mobile communication; Maxnet training laboratory; Internet-based info-communications; electrical circuits, signals and circuitry.