The Department of Information and Network Engineering


Areas of research

Areas of scientific research

The main direction of scientific research of the department is “Info-communication technologies and networks”, which includes such components:

  • Multicriteria optimization of communication systems and networks;
  • Information technologies of satellite and terrestrial mobile communication networks;
  • Technologies and hardware-software means of mobile communication of the next generations;
  • Methods of signal processing and information distribution in communication networks;
  • Broadband communications systems;
  • Info-communication technologies in economy and business and information protection in communication networks;
  • Optimization of structures and system parameters of communication systems;
  • Planning and designing of multiservice communication networks;
  • Automatic recognition of speech messages and speakers in info-communication systems;
  • Stenographic methods of information protection in communication networks;
  • Engineering aspects of wireless info-communication technologies;
  • Mathematical modeling in info-communication networks;
  • Multicriteria optimization in info-communication systems and networks;
  • Adaptive management of information flows and services in intelligent communication networks;
  • Efficient compression and processing of images for their transmission over low-speed communication channels;
  • Intelligent networks and Internet technologies;
  • Automated radio control of radio communication systems and cognitive radio technology;
  • Methods, means and technologies of sensory networks;
  • Multicriteria analysis and selection of info-communication technologies and means of communication;
  • Cloud technologies in info-communication systems;
  • Info-communication technologies based on GPS systems and mobile communication networks;
  • Fiber optic technologies in info-communication networks;
  • IP-telephony and IP-TV technologies;
  • Mathematical models and optimization of info-communication networks;
  • Security in in info-communication networks;
  • Management of the intensity of multimedia data in infocommunication networks, steganography.