The Department of Information and Network Engineering


Methodogical Literature

The department constantly pays great attention to the scientific and methodical support of the educational process. To the attention of students and post-graduate students KNURE scientific library, which collects not only scientific and methodical literature in the direction of the department, but also complexes of methodological support of disciplines with abstracts or slide lectures, methodological guidelines for the performance of various types of work, scientific and metric ratings, collections of articles and reports, journals in the direction.

The teaching staff of the department is constantly working on updating the methodological support of the educational process and compliance with modern trends. The results of such work are teaching aids, methodical instructions, courses on distance education, etc. In recent years, the teachers of the department have prepared a number of manuals, which set out modern materials for the training of specialists in the field of info-communications, in particular:

  • “Cellular communication networks” (author Emelyanov V.V.)
  • “Tranking radio communication” (author Yemelyanov V.V.)
  • “Paging communication” (author Yemelyanov V.V.),
  • “Fundamentals of information distribution” (author Omelchenko A.V.),
  • “Active filters on operational amplifiers” (authors Zelenin A.M., Bondar D.V., Kostromitsky A.I.).
  • Neural technologies in telecommunications and control systems. (Authors Bezruk V.M., Svid I.V., Korsun I.V.)
  • Methodology and metrological support of scientific research. (Author Voloshchuk Yu.I.)
  • Analysis and design of active filters on operational amplifiers. (Authors: Zelenin A.M., Kostromitsky A.I., Bondar D.V.)
  • Fundamentals of Circuitry Engineering Ch.1. (Authors Zelenin A.M., Kostromitsky A.I., Bondar D.V.)
  • Routing in communication networks. (Authors Astrakhantsev A.A., Bezruk V.M.)
  • Cellular mobile radio systems. (Authors V.V. Emelyanov, I.Svid).
  • Information communication networks. P.1. Mathematical bases of information communication networks. (Authors Bezruk V.M., Poor Yu.M., Omelchenko A.V.)
  • Information communication networks. P.2 Telecommunication technologies of fixed communication networks. (Authors Bezruk V.M., Poor Y.M., Koltun Y.M., Astrakhantsev A.A., Svid I.V., Shiryaev A.V., Kharchenko N.A.)
  • Information communication networks. P.3 Mobile communication networks. (Authors: Bezruk V.M., Emelyanov V.V., Krivenko S.A.).
  • Information communication networks. Part 4: Technologies for provision of information services. (Authors Bezruk V.M. ,. Korolev V.N., Zolotarev V.A., Botsman P.D., Kostromitsky A.I., Astrakhantsev A.A., Kapusta S.A.)
  • Optimization and mathematical modeling of communication networks. (Authors Bezruk V.M., Bukhanko A.N., Chebotareva D.V.)
  • Mobile communication systems. Part 1: Radio wave and antenna propagation (author V.V. Yemelyanov)
  • Mobile communication systems. Part 2. Radio transmitting and radio receivers. (Author V.V. Yemelyanov)
  • Database. (Author Malinin A.P.)