The Department of Information and Network Engineering


Students’ practice

Student internships are an important and integral part of the process of training future professionals. The internship is organized in such a way that students consolidate their theoretical knowledge and gain additional practical skills at enterprises, that correspond to the field of study of the chosen educational program. During the internship, students are provided with:

    • safe conditions for internships;
    • supervision of the internship by the university and the company;
    • access to methodological literature;
    • familiarization with professional equipment and facilities within the framework of the relevant type of practice, which are equipped at the workplaces of the enterprise where the practice is conducted.

The order on practice regulates the terms and types of practice, as well as the supervisors of practice from the university.

Regulatory framework:

After the internship, students fill out an internship diary, which is a report on the work done.