The Department of Information and Network Engineering


Schedule of consultations

According to the Regulations on the Organization of the Educational Process, a consultation is a type of classroom session where a student receives answers to specific questions or explanations of certain theoretical provisions or their practical application from the teacher.

Consultations can be individual (for example, when a student is preparing a course project) or group consultations held before an exam, practice, or defense of qualification works; scheduled or additional. The time of consultations is determined by the teachers when students do not have classes and at a time that satisfies the teacher during his/her work. Consultations can be held both in person and remotely.

As a rule, consultations before exams are published in the schedule of students and teachers on the university website, other types of consultations are published in paper form at the department’s stand and on the department’s website.

The schedule of consultations by the department’s teachers for the current period can be found here:

SСHEDULE of consultations for the spring semester 2023/2024.

Or download the file here: SСHEDULE of consultations for the spring semester 2023/2024.