The Department of Information and Network Engineering


Scientific work

The department pays great attention to scientific work. All teachers, young scientists and applicants who constantly improve their professional level, pedagogical skills, scientific qualification take part. The department organizes research work of students, which is an integral part of the educational process and research work performed in extracurricular activities.

Daily work of teachers of the department on improving the methodological base, development and implementation of scientific products, constant monitoring of educational news in the world and Ukraine, the latest changes in legislation in the field of telecommunications, network technologies, mobile technologies, wireless and optical networks, security and protection of information. The use of modern software products, as well as the high professional level of employees is a guarantee for the release of qualified bachelors and masters in information and network technologies. Graduates of the department during industrial and undergraduate internships at enterprises, budget organizations and banking institutions receive high marks and positive feedback from practitioners, which contributes to employment and ensuring their future, professional and career growth.

The staff of the department takes an active part in scientific and practical conferences at the national and international levels in order to test the results of scientific research. According to the results of scientific research, teachers and staff of the department annually publish scientific papers, including articles in scientific journals, monographs and scientific collections, prepare reports at scientific conferences of various levels, including co-authorship with students of the department.

The scientific interests of the teachers of the department are connected with the research of the direction “Infocommunication technologies and networks”.

An important indicator of the department is the search for new and dissemination of existing forms of education and research of students and graduate students. Such forms of scientific work include: participation of students in the implementation of scientific developments in the areas of the department, the implementation of independent research, writing scientific articles, speeches at scientific conferences and competitions.

It promotes the accumulation and dissemination of knowledge, the development of promising scientific areas, stimulates the creative activity of future professionals. Student scientific circles work fruitfully under the guidance of the leading teachers of the department.

According to the results of research, works are prepared for the competition of scientific student works, scientific-practical seminars and active participation in scientific youth conferences are held, sample reports of students are published in collections of scientific works.

Thus, the active scientific activity of the department contributes to the involvement of gifted student youth in scientific work.

To further increase the efficiency of scientific activities of the department, the following promising areas of work can be outlined:

  • Development of the most pressing research problems in the industry.
  • Acquisition of practical experience by teachers of the department during advanced training and its implementation in their own activities. Strengthening the theoretical and practical significance of scientific works prepared by the teaching staff of the department, and the creation of a scientific product of an innovative nature as a result of the internship.
  • Development of scientific initiative of young scientists of the department, intensification of scientific activity of the department and establishment of cooperation with similar centers in universities of Ukraine and other countries.
  • Improving the content of scientific and practical conferences, round tables, symposia, in order to generate and implement new ideas and opinions.
  • Improving the quality of scientific works of teachers of the department; increasing the number of publications of teachers in scientometric publications (Scopus, Web of Science, etc.) and the number of citations (h-index).
  • Participation in university methodological seminars on the use of scientometric databases in scientific and educational activities.
  • Development of international cooperation, participation in international scientific conferences, projects.
  • Directing the activities of the teaching staff of the department to create scientific products of an innovative nature.
  • Cooperation of the department with other educational and scientific structural subdivisions of the university, other universities and departments that train specialists in the field of specialty 172 Telecommunications and radio engineering, work on joint research projects.
  • Involvement of students in competitions for grants, prizes, scholarships, in the All-Ukrainian competition of student research papers and student competitions.
  • Improving the quality of student research.