The Department of Information and Network Engineering



Post-graduation employment has always been a topical issue for both students and faculty. After all, employed graduates are an indicator of the relevance of the specialty in the labor market, the development of industrial sphere, as well as the quality of education received.

Currently, the most effective methods of employment are internships and study projects from leading mobile companies, participation in a job fair organized by the university with the support of many commercial partner companies, and individual student search through online publications or platforms that specialize in job search.

For several years now our students have been actively and successfully participating in educational projects from well-known telecommunication companies: Vodafone, lifecell, Ukrtelecom.

Thus, in 2017, all-Ukrainian competition “Professionals of the future”, conducted by Vodafone, was attended by students and received prizes by Morkovin E.O.(gr. TK-12-1), Morkovin O.O. (gr. ТК-12-1), Zavorotna M.G. (gr. TK-12-1), Tkach O.D. (gr. ТК-12-1) – (Scientific adviser – Assoc. Prof. Kostromitsky).

One of the participants in the annual lifecell training project Jump to life Usenko O.V. (gr. IMZm-15-1) currently works as a leading specialist in one of the company’s affiliates.

Ukrtelecom’s competition “Best – with Ukrtelecom” is also held annually. In 2017, our winners were our BlueSpoon team, whose participants were students Alexander Morkovin, Artem Kurinoy, Vlad Masliy, Maxim Kucherevy, Vitaly Fisenko.

The Job Fair, hosted by the Career Center’s Practice Division, not only offers up-to-date vacancies for leading IT companies, but also provides additional professional courses that cater to companies with further employment. This practice is used by many companies, including international companies. Companies EPAM, NIX Solution, Cloballogic often conduct such courses for students of our university.

You can find up-to-date job offers for young professionals, part-time or students at Jooble.