The Department of Information and Network Engineering


Scientific work of students

An integral part of quality training is the involvement of students in research work under the guidance of teachers in the framework of thematic scientific circles and business incubators. Its results form the basis of coursework, bachelor’s and master’s works, student research papers submitted to various competitions, as well as articles and reports at scientific conferences.

Students take an active part in youth conferences held by various universities of Ukraine, in particular, in the international youth forum “Radioelectronics and Youth in the 21st century”. (KNURE), Youth Scientific and Technical Conference “Modern Problems of Radio Engineering and Telecommunications” (SevNTU), international scientific and technical conference of students and post-graduate students “Prospects of information and telecommunication technologies and systems development” (NTU “KPI”), the international scientific-practical conference “Infocommunications – Modernity and Future” (ONAS). The best reports of our students are marked by diplomas and prizes. In particular, diplomas of the Kharkiv National University of Radioelectronics were awarded at the 22nd International Youth Forum (2018): Gusak M.V. (Gr. TC-14-1), Yaurov A.A. (Gr. IMIM-17-1), Masliy V.P. (Gr. TC-14-1).

Our students submit scientific works to the All-Ukrainian contest of student scientific works and regularly take prize-winning places. In particular, such students received awards: Avramenko A.S. (Gr. IMZ-09-1), Sidorenko V.V. (Gr.-IMZ-09-1), Demin A.N. (Gr. IMZ-10-1), Ponomarenko G.E. (Gr. TK-09-2), Shostak N.V. (Gr. TK-09-1), Barbina K.A. (Gr. TK-09-1), Chizhevskaya A.V. (Gr. TK-10-2), Alaeva Yu.A. (Gr. TK-11-2), Rusakov D.V. (Gr. TK-11-2), Donchik Y.V. (Gr. TC-12-1), Dmitrenko I.Yu. (Gr. IMIM-17-1)

Students regularly take part in All-Ukrainian Student Olympiads in the field of “Telecommunications” and become winners. In particular, such students received prizes: Rotach L.I. (Gr. IMZ-06-3), Leskovets L.I. (Gr. IMZ-06-3), Dorozhan V.I. (Gr. IMZ-06-1), Vorobyeva I.V. (Gr. IMZ-06-1), Mokryak V.V. (Gr. TK-09-2), B.A. Vaneyev (Gr. TK-11-1), A.S. Ermakov (Gr. TK-12-1), M.V. Gusak (TK-14-1), V.V. Fisenko. (TC-13-1), Vorobieva V.M. (TC-13-2).

Students take part and become winners of the contest of student research papers, held under the patronage of V. Pinchuk, with the receipt of an additional personal scholarship. In particular, the following students became winners: Ponomarenko G.E. (Gr. TK-09-2), Demin A.N. (Gr. IMZ-10-1), Rusakov D.V. (Gr. TK-11-2), Halkogen K.V. (Gr. IMZm-13-1).

Teams of our students prepare scientific projects on topical topics under the guidance of teachers, who take part in the All-Ukrainian competition “Professionals of the future”, which is held by the company Vodafone. In particular, such teams of students have been awarded:

B.A. Vaneyev (Gr. TC-11-1), D.S. Koryakin (Gr. TK-11-2), N.A. Sosedko (Gr. IMZm-15-1), Y.A. Suprun (Gr. IMZm-15-1), Usenko A.V. (Gr. IMZm-15-1) – (Supervisor – Associate Professor A.V. Shiryaev)
E.A. Morkovin (Gr. TC-12-1), A.A. Morkovin (Gr. TC-12-1), M. Zavorotnaya. (Gr. TC-12-1), Weaver A.D. (Gr. TC-12-1) – (Research Supervisor – Associate Professor A.I. Kostromitsky)