The Department of Information and Network Engineering


The international cooperation

The department staff actively maintains contacts with leading universities and companies around the world. In recent years, international cooperation has been developing both in the scientific and educational spheres.

Over the last decade, agreements on mutually beneficial cooperation have been drawn up, which were later implemented in scientific and educational projects, in the organization of internships and training of our students in foreign universities:

  • With the Warsaw Military Technical Academy (Poland, 2010).
  • With the Institute of Space Technologies of the Vietnamese Academy of Sciences, where we delivered a series of lectures in Hanoi on “Signal processing and recognition” and a course of lectures on “Image transmission and processing in Earth remote sensing” on the basis of KNURE for the staff of the Institute (Vietnam, 2010 – 2011).
  • With Samsung Electronics, followed by research work on the development of noise immunity of direct error correction algorithms in the communication channel (South Korea, 2012).
  • With the Technical University of Vildau, where our 5th year student was sent for training to the Technical University (Germany, 2015).
  • With Belgorod National Research University (Russia, 2014).
  • With the Technical University of Pardubice (Czech Republic, 2015 onwards). Cooperation with the Technical University takes place within the framework of the project “Erasmus+”. Over the past few years, our students have been studying at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Telecommunications of the Technical University every year, and our professors have been lecturing courses.
  • With the international company “Ericsson”, in the framework of which the laboratory “Software and hardware of mobile communication” on the basis of equipment provided by the company was opened at the department in 2017 (Sweden, 2016).
  • With the international company Rohde & Schwarz, in the framework of which Rohde & Schwarz transferred modern measuring instruments to equip the laboratory of circuits, signals and circuitry (Germany, 2016).
  • With Istanbul Technical University, where our student is studying at the Faculty of Electrical and Electronics. Cooperation with Istanbul Technical University also takes place within the framework of the “Erasmus+” project. (Turkey, 2018).
  • With the international company Lifecell, which within its own project “lifecell universities” and under a cooperation agreement with our department, with the participation of the company “Ericsson”, opened a laboratory “Software and hardware for mobile communications”. The provided equipment creates a single complex of a small mobile station, provides opportunities for students to acquire practical skills of working with modern operating equipment of telecommunication companies.